How to Transfer Viber History from Android to Iphone?

If you are switching from Android to iPhone and you want to transfer your Viber chat history, it is a bit tricky but doable. Here are the necessary steps:

1. Back up your Viber chat history on your Android device: Open Viber > Menu > Settings > Calls and messages > Backup and restore > Back up now.

2. Transfer the Viber backup to your iPhone: Connect both your Android device and iPhone to your computer. Copy the Viber backup file from your Android device to your computer. Then, connect your iPhone to the computer. Open iTunes, click on the iPhone icon, select "File Sharing," select Viber, and drag and drop the backup file from your computer to the Viber Documents box.

3. Restore the Viber backup on your iPhone: Once the backup file transfer is complete, open Viber on your iPhone. Follow the prompts to activate and set up Viber. When you get to the “Restore Now” option, select it. All your Viber chat history from your Android device will be transferred to your iPhone.

It is essential to remember that this process only works for transferring the Viber chat history, not the Viber call history.

How do I transfer Viber data to my new iPhone?

What is the free app to transfer Viber from Android to iPhone?

There are various free apps available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store that can transfer Viber data from an Android to an iPhone. One such app is called "Viber Backup and Restore". To transfer Viber data with this app, first, you need to backup Viber data on your Android device using the Viber Backup and Restore app. After that, you need to install the app on your iPhone and use the same Google account that you used on your Android device to log in. The Viber Backup and Restore app will automatically detect the backup of your Viber data and restore it on your iPhone. Keep in mind that you will need to install Viber on your iPhone before restoring the backup data, and the new Viber app on your iPhone should have the same phone number as your Android device.

Where is Viber database stored on Android?

Viber database on Android is stored in the internal storage of the device. The database is located in the application data folder of Viber, which is usually found in the /data/data/com.viber.voip/databases/ directory. The database file is named viber_messages, and it contains all the chat history, call logs, and other data related to your Viber account. Since this directory is usually restricted for ordinary users, you will need root access or a file manager app with root permissions to access and view the Viber database on Android. It’s important to note that modifying or deleting this database file could result in the loss of your chat history and other important data, so it’s recommended to proceed with caution.

How to restore Viber backup from Google Drive?

If you have created a backup of your Viber messages, calls, and other files on Google Drive, then it’s quite easy to restore the backup on a different device. Follow the below steps to restore Viber backup from Google Drive:

1. First, make sure that you have installed the latest version of Viber on the device in which you want to restore the backup.

2. Open the Viber app and enter your phone number.

3. If you have previously created a Viber account with this phone number, then the app will ask you whether you want to restore your backup. Select "Yes."

4. Next, select "Restore Now" on the backup screen.

5. You will now need to sign in to your Google account to access your backups. Enter your Google account username and password, then tap "Sign in."

6. Select the Google account that contains your Viber backup.

7. Choose the backup file that you want to restore from the list of available backups.

8. Wait for the restore process to complete.

9. Finally, tap "Continue" to access your restored Viber messages and files.

That’s it! Your Viber backup is now restored from Google Drive, and all your messages, calls, and other files are available on your device.

Where is Viber backup in Google Drive?

If you are using Viber on an Android device and you have enabled the Viber backup option, then you can find the Viber backup file in your Google Drive account. Here are the steps to locate the Viber backup in Google Drive:

1. Open your Google Drive account and log in with your credentials.

2. From the left-hand side panel, click on the "Settings" gear icon and select "Settings" from the dropdown menu.

3. In the "Settings" window, navigate to the "Manage Apps" section.

4. Scroll down to find "Viber" and click on it.

5. Here you can find the Viber backup files that are stored in your Google Drive account.

Please note that if you have not enabled the Viber backup option, then you will not be able to find any backup files in your Google Drive account. You can enable this option by going to the Viber app settings and selecting the "Backup Viber" option.

How can I restore my Viber messages without backup on iPhone?

Losing your Viber messages on iPhone can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have a backup. However, there are some steps that you can take to try and restore them.
Here are some possible solutions:

1. Check iCloud Sync:
If you have enabled iCloud sync for Viber in your iPhone settings, you might be able to retrieve your lost messages. To do this, sign into the same iCloud account you used previously and check if the chat history is available.

2. Check iTunes backup:
If you sync your iPhone with iTunes, there’s a chance that you may have an older backup containing the Viber messages that you lost. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes to check for a backup. If you find a previous backup, you can restore it to get your messages back.

3. Use Viber Recovery Tool:
There are many third-party tools available for recovering Viber messages and attachments from the iPhone. One of the popular tools is "FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery" that allows you to scan and extract lost Viber messages directly from your iPhone. However, be careful while using these tools as they may pose a security risk.

4. Contact Viber Support:
If the above methods do not work, you can contact Viber support directly for assistance. They may be able to recover your messages from their servers if they were backed up online.

In conclusion, restoring Viber messages without backup on iPhone can be possible if you follow the above tips and advice.

How do I restore Viber messages from Google Drive on my iPhone?

If you have backed up your Viber messages on Google Drive, you can restore them on your iPhone by following these steps:

1. Make sure you have the latest version of Viber installed on your iPhone.

2. Launch Viber and go to the "Welcome" screen. Tap on the "Continue" button.

3. On the next screen, select "Agree & Continue" to accept Viber’s terms and conditions.

4. Enter your phone number and tap "Continue." Viber will send you a verification code via SMS or call, enter the code to proceed.

5. Once you are logged in, Viber will detect that you have a backup on Google Drive and prompt you to restore it. Tap "Restore" to proceed.

6. Select the Google account that you used to back up your Viber messages, and confirm your credentials by entering your Google account password.

7. Viber will start restoring your messages from the backup. The process may take some time depending on the size of the backup and your internet speed.

8. Once the restore is complete, you will be able to see all your Viber messages on your iPhone.

Note: Make sure to keep your phone connected to a stable internet connection during the restore process to avoid any interruption. Also, if you don’t see the "Restore" button, make sure that you have signed in with the same Google account that you used to backup your Viber messages.

Can we transfer data from Android to iPhone for free?

Yes, it is possible to transfer data from an Android device to an iPhone without spending any money. One of the easiest ways to do so is by using Apple’s Move to iOS app, which is available for free on the Google Play Store. This app allows users to transfer their contacts, message history, photos, and videos from an Android phone to an iPhone wirelessly.

To use this app, simply download it on your Android device and make sure that both your Android device and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. During the setup process of your iPhone, select the "Move Data from Android" option and follow the prompts. The app will generate a unique code that you will need to enter on your Android device, which will then start the transfer process.

It is worth noting that Move to iOS is only available for transferring data from an Android device to a new or recently erased iPhone, and will not work if your iPhone has already been set up. Additionally, some data such as music and apps may not be transferred through this method and will need to be manually downloaded from the App Store on your iPhone.

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