How to Know Saved Wifi Password in Rooted Android?

In this tutorial, we’ll explore the process of finding the saved Wi-Fi password on a rooted Android device. Rooting your Android device provides more control and access to system files, allowing us to uncover saved Wi-Fi passwords. Please note that rooting your device might void its warranty and could potentially cause security risks. Proceed with caution and only root your device if you understand the risks involved.

Step 1: Install a root file explorer app from the Google Play Store. There are several options available, such as ES File Explorer, Root Explorer, or Solid Explorer. Choose the one that suits your preferences.

Step 2: Open the root file explorer app and grant it root access when prompted. You may need to enable root access in the app’s settings if you haven’t already.

Step 3: Navigate to the root directory of your Android device. This location may vary depending on your device, but commonly, you can find it in the "system" or "data" directory.

Step 4: In the root directory, locate and open the "data" folder. Inside the "data" folder, find the "misc" folder and open it.

Step 5: Look for the "wifi" folder within the "misc" folder, and open it. Here, you will find a file named "wpa_supplicant.conf."

Step 6: Open the "wpa_supplicant.conf" file using the built-in text editor of the root file explorer app.

Step 7: Inside the "wpa_supplicant.conf" file, you will see a list of saved Wi-Fi networks along with their respective SSIDs (network names) and passwords. Look for the network you want to know the password for, and note down the corresponding password.

Pros Cons
1. Provides access to saved Wi-Fi passwords on a rooted Android device. 1. Rooting your Android device can void its warranty and may pose security risks.
2. Allows users to retrieve Wi-Fi passwords without resetting the network settings. 2. Rooting may cause instability and potential issues with device performance.
3. Useful in situations where you have forgotten the password and need to connect another device to the same network. 3. Requires technical knowledge and understanding of rooting process.

Video Tutorial: Can I see Wi-Fi password on Android without root?

Where are saved passwords located?

Saved passwords are typically stored in a secure database or keychain provided by an operating system or web browser. The exact location can vary depending on the platform and browser being used. Here are the steps to find saved passwords on different devices and browsers:

1. macOS:
– On macOS, saved passwords are stored in the Keychain Access app. To access it, open the "Utilities" folder, which is located within the "Applications" folder, and launch the "Keychain Access" app.
– In the Keychain Access app, select the "Passwords" category in the sidebar to view a list of all saved passwords. You can search for specific passwords using the search bar located at the top-right corner of the app.

2. Windows:
– On Windows, saved passwords are generally stored in the Credential Manager. To access it, press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box, type "rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr" (without quotes), and click OK.
– In the Credential Manager window, you’ll find a list of saved passwords under the "Web Credentials" section. You can select a password entry and click the "Show" button to reveal the password.

3. iOS (iPhone):
– On an iPhone, saved passwords are stored in the iCloud Keychain, which can be accessed through the "Settings" app.
– Open the "Settings" app, navigate to "Passwords" or "Passwords & Accounts," and you’ll find a list of saved passwords.
– To view a particular password, you may need to authenticate yourself using Face ID, Touch ID, or your device passcode.

4. Android (Chrome browser):
– On Android devices using the Chrome browser, saved passwords can be found within the browser’s settings.
– Open the Chrome browser, tap the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner, and select "Settings" from the menu.
– Within the "Settings" menu, go to "Passwords" or "Autofill and payments" (depending on the device and version of Chrome) to access the saved passwords.

5. Other web browsers:
– Each web browser has its own location for storing saved passwords. In general, you can find them within the browser’s settings or preferences menu.
– Look for options such as "Passwords," "Security," "Privacy," or "Autofill" in the browser’s settings and explore those sections to find saved passwords.
– It’s worth noting that some browsers may require additional authentication, such as providing your operating system password, before revealing the saved passwords.

Remember, it’s essential to maintain strong device security, including using passcodes, biometric authentication, and encryption, to ensure the safety of your saved passwords.

Where can I find all my Wi-Fi passwords?

As a tech blogger, I can share some steps on how to find your Wi-Fi passwords on different devices. Here are the instructions for various platforms:

1. Windows:
– Press the "Win + S" key combination to open the search bar, then type "Network and Sharing Center" and select it.
– In the Network and Sharing Center, click on the connected Wi-Fi network name.
– Click on the "Wireless Properties" button.
– In the Wireless Network Properties window, go to the "Security" tab.
– Check the "Show characters" box under the "Network security key" section. Now you can see the Wi-Fi password.

2. macOS:
– Go to the "System Preferences" by clicking the Apple logo in the menu bar and selecting "System Preferences."
– Choose "Network" and select the Wi-Fi network you are connected to from the left sidebar.
– Click the "Advanced" button in the bottom right corner.
– Go to the "Wi-Fi" tab and tick the box "Show password." Authenticate if prompted, and the password will be displayed.

3. iOS (iPhone, iPad):
– Open the "Settings" app.
– Tap on "Wi-Fi" and make sure you are connected to a network.
– Tap the "i" icon next to the network name.
– On the next screen, you’ll find the Wi-Fi password under the "Router" section.

4. Android:
– Open the "Settings" app.
– Tap on "Wi-Fi" or "Connections" (depending on the device).
– Long-press on the connected Wi-Fi network.
– Tap "Manage network settings" or "Modify network" or anything similar.
– Check the "Show password" box to reveal the Wi-Fi password.

Remember, it’s important to have legitimate access to the network you’re attempting to find the password for. Always respect privacy and security guidelines, and only access the Wi-Fi passwords for networks you have authorized access to.

Which app can show saved Wi-Fi password?

One app that can show saved Wi-Fi passwords on your device is "WiFi Key Recovery." This app is available for download on Android devices and allows you to retrieve saved Wi-Fi passwords easily. Here are the steps to use WiFi Key Recovery:

1. Search for "WiFi Key Recovery" on the Google Play Store and install it on your Android device.

2. Open the app after installation. You may need to grant it the necessary permissions to access your device’s Wi-Fi settings.

3. Once the app is open, it will display a list of all the Wi-Fi networks you have connected to in the past, along with their SSIDs (network names) and passwords.

4. To view the password for a particular Wi-Fi network, simply tap on it from the list. The app will display the password, and you can either note it down or copy it to the clipboard.

It’s important to note that WiFi Key Recovery requires root access on your Android device to retrieve Wi-Fi passwords. Rooting your device may have certain implications, such as voiding your warranty or security risks, so proceed with caution and only root your device if you understand the consequences.

Always remember to use such apps responsibly and respect the privacy of others. Retrieving Wi-Fi passwords should only be done on devices you own or have the explicit permission to access.

Can you find a saved Wi-Fi password on Android?

Yes, it is possible to find a saved Wi-Fi password on an Android device. Here are the steps you can follow:

1. Open the ‘Settings’ app on your Android device. You can usually find it in the app drawer or by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping the gear-shaped icon.

2. Scroll down and tap on the ‘Network & internet’ or ‘Connections’ option, depending on your Android version.

3. Tap on ‘Wi-Fi’ to access the Wi-Fi settings.

4. Here, you will see a list of available Wi-Fi networks. Scroll down and locate the Wi-Fi network for which you want to retrieve the saved password.

5. Tap and hold on the network name or long-press it. This action should open a contextual menu with various options.

6. From the menu, select ‘Manage network settings’ or ‘Network info’ (the name may vary depending on your Android version).

7. On the next screen, a QR code might be displayed along with other network details. Look for the option that says ‘Show password’ or ‘Share password,’ and tap on it.

8. You might be asked to authenticate yourself, either by entering your device password or using the fingerprint sensor if available.

9. After the authentication, the saved Wi-Fi password will be displayed on the screen.

By following these steps, you should be able to find the saved Wi-Fi password for a specific network on your Android device. Remember to use this information responsibly and respect the privacy and security of others.

How to share Wi-Fi password from Android to Android without QR code?

Sharing Wi-Fi passwords from Android to Android without using a QR code can be done using alternative methods. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Manual Typing:
– On the Android device that is connected to the Wi-Fi network, go to Settings.
– Tap on "Wi-Fi" and select the connected network.
– Under the network settings, you will find the "Share" or "Share password" option.
– Tap on it, and a prompt will appear with the Wi-Fi password displayed. Take note of the password.
– On the receiving Android device, go to Settings and then tap on "Wi-Fi."
– Manually type in the Wi-Fi network name and the password noted down from the previous device.
– Once entered, the second device will connect to the Wi-Fi network.

2. Wi-Fi Direct:
– On the Android device that is connected to the Wi-Fi network, go to Settings.
– Tap on "Wi-Fi" and select the connected network.
– Under the network settings, you might find an option called "Share Wi-Fi via QR code" or similar phrasing.
– Tap on it and select the option for sharing via Wi-Fi Direct instead of the QR code.
– Your device will scan for nearby devices. On the recipient Android device, make sure Wi-Fi Direct is enabled in settings.
– Once the devices are connected via Wi-Fi Direct, the Wi-Fi network credentials will be automatically shared, and the connection will be established.

3. Using Third-Party Apps:
– Several third-party apps are available on the Google Play Store that allow easy sharing of Wi-Fi passwords. Look for apps like "Wi-Fi Share," "Wi-Fi Sharer," or similar names.
– Install the chosen app on both Android devices.
– Follow the provided instructions within the app to connect and share the Wi-Fi network.
– The app usually utilizes Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct to transfer the Wi-Fi password securely between devices.

Remember, the availability of these methods can also depend on the Android version and device manufacturer’s customized settings.

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