How to Unlock Bootloader of Samsung Galaxy Phone

Apr. 25, 2016 18:45 pm. Posted by to Tutorials

Bootloader is a stock firmware embedded into Android OS, which will be loaded first before booting any Android device. For those users who want to root their Samsung phone (take Galaxy S6 Edge as an example), unlocking bootloader is a very necessary step. To unlock the bootloader of Galaxy S6, normally you have to break the Knox, an enterprise mobile security solution made by Samsung. But if you are not sure to unlock the phone, then avoid this process and keep the warranty of the phone. First, you should know about Samsung Knox as the process of unlock is best for me, but maybe not for you, so take the risk of yourself, I have no priority for that.

What is Samsung Knox?

Knox is a security system created by Samsung for its Android terminals that allow writing to the memory when the device is modified by root or altered by unlocking the bootloader, etc. This allows the focus to Samsung customers in case of receiving a "damaged" cell they can know if the Galaxy is actually damaged by manufacturing defect or was altered by the user.

Tutorial: How to Unlock Bootloader of Galaxy S7/S6/S5/Note

So, here we come to the process and this unlocking process is meant for unlocking the bootloader of Samsung smartphone and tablet. I have tried this for this particular device (Galaxy S7) and did it successfully with the following steps. Take in mind before start the unlock process.

Things We Need to Know before Unlocking:

Step 1 Download and Install Android SDK

Download Android SDK on a computer from here. There is a Windows version and Mac version, please down the right one. Then, install the file on your computer and configure settings as need. Or leave it behind if you don't know how to do this. Finally connect your Galaxy S6 Edge (for example) to the computer with USB cable.

Step 2 Download Superboot

Then download the Superboot from here and save them on your computer. You need to switch off your device for boot into Superboot mode, which you will see the text "Superboot mode". Then you have to browse the Superboot folder, now hold the shift key and right click on any black space on the screen.

Step 3 Run Windows CMD Prompt

Then open CMD prompt from computer. Now type here "Superboot device" and press enter as it will show your device is connected to the laptop and recognized as well. Now for the major process of unlocking the bootloader, you have to type "Superboot OEM unlock" on CMD prompt, you should get a message for confirming the operation on your device, simply tap on YES by use volume and power key.


Samsung Galaxy s6 edge unlock



Step 4 Unlock Galaxy S6 Edge Phone Now

Your bootloader should be successfully unlocked. Then close the CMD prompt and unplugged the device from USB. Simply restart your device and now you can do whatever you want, as you can root it and install the custom ROMs or you can flash custom recovery images as well.


Note: If your device screen gets stuck in any Step you performed, do not panic just download PDANet and install on your laptop, then unplug and plug your device it will fix the problem.