A Roundup of Best Rooting Apps in 2016

Apr. 22, 2016 18:25 pm. Posted by to Tutorials

The most experienced of Android or so-called super user will know what the root is: with a particular procedure you can unlock the permissions superuser (root note) on your Android device to perform operations normally not permitted by the system (to name one: change the system hosts file to block ads). This procedure is possible thanks to the close relationship with the GNU / Linux distributions because Android uses the same Linux kernel in its releases.


Most of the procedures available on the Web based on the assumption of having to use a PC to complete the procedure to enable root permissions; in this article we will show instead of the best Android apps to make the root without using a PC, running the whole procedure with some apps can exploit known vulnerabilities of the Android code (exploit). If you know other apps dedicated to the release of root permissions do not hesitate to mark them in the comments.


NOTE: Unlock the root permissions will void the warranty on almost all devices on the market; act prudently and knowledgeably. And we have no responsibility for damage to the device or things deriving from the improper use of the following material treated.




KingRoot is a program created by Chinese developers can gain root permissions on a huge number of smartphones by simply installing the app on your Android device. It is a program that is often referred to as the most effective way to gain access to the administrator account on many phones from difficult "rooting" such as Samsung, the latest LG, and Sony and fully compatible with Android Lollipop as well. If an error occurs with the app you can try the desktop version to activate the root, even more effective.


king root



Framaroot is among the best to easily gain root permissions, just really a tap on the app fencing to unlock the permissions superuser on a large number of devices. In the pull-down window, just select Install SuperSU to perform the qualification.








Another famous app dedicated to the release of root permissions. Towelroot unlocks the superuser using a Linux kernel bug (CVE-2014-3153), which leads to an escalation of privileges and enables root on the system where it is launched. It should work with all devices that did not receive updates until July 2014, after this date the kernel bug has been corrected and added to all Kitkat and Lollipop releases. To use it just click make it ra1n.






AnyRooter 1-Click Root

AnyRooter 1-Click Root is the best rooting program if you prefer to root your device on a computer. It is simple and easy to use. It supports a wide range of devices. AnyRooter comes with complete technical support while you are rooting your Android device. It also helps you all the time and have no need to get confused and hesitate to choose this program. Now enjoy this tool on your computer to help you can root all the high-end features of android game or application.


anyrooter android root




Ready to download AnyRooter application:

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Windows Version
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