How to Root Xiaomi MIX with or without PC

Oct.13, 2016 10:45. Posted by Annie to Tutorials

Xiaomi MIX is a revolutionary smartphone since it has been released on last November. With its bezel-less display feature, it has overpower iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. It has 6 GB RAM and 256 GB of storage capacity, the first smartphone that could provide this much specification. To be honest, even a modern computer or laptop can't even have such an advanced profile.


Rooting Xiaomi MIX is a risk since you have paid a hefty amount of price for it. But, if you are using the right tool to root your phone then you need not to worry at all. That's right, even if it has countless features but if you root your Xiaomi MIX phone then you will be able to unleash all the hidden features which you can't use right now.

Advantages of rooting Xiaomi MIX:

Part 1: How to Root Xiaomi MIX with AnyRooter Pro

And much more. Once you root your phone, you will never want to un-root it at all. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to root your Xiaomi MIX safe and securely without causing any damage to your phone. We will show you two methods to root your smartphone safe. In first part we will be using AnyRooter to root your device.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Step 1: Download and Install AnyRooter Pro

You should download AnyRooter from its official website and run it on your computer. Install the software and launch it for the first time.


xiaomi mix rooting app

Step 2: Connect Xiaomi MIX to PC via USB Cable

Now connect your Xiaomi MIX to your PC using a USB data cable and let the software detect your smartphone.


htc one m7 devloper options

Step 3: Start Rooting Xiaomi MIX

Now start the rooting process by clicking on "Root Now" and it should begin the process. Make sure to keep your phone connected unless the process is successfully finished. Your phone may turn off and on several times but do not worry, it is a part of the process. Now, you should be able to use all the hidden features which we mentioned above. Enjoy and have fun.

start to root huawei htc one m10 successfully

Part 2: How to Root Xiaomi MIX without PC

Alternatively, there's one more tool that can help to root your Xiaomi MIX as well. This time, we will root your phone using KingRoot app.

Step 1:Download KingRoot and Install on Xiaomi MIX

This software is supported in both computer and android platform. So make sure to download the correct version. For computer, you should download the ".exe" file and for Android version, you should download the APK file. In this tutorial, we will be taking computer as an example.


Run the setup file and install the software on your PC. The installation process is quite self-explanatory and quite simple like any others. Once the installation process is finished, start KingRoot on your computer.

KingoRoot for HTC One M10

Step 2: Start Rooting Xiaomi MIX with KingRoot

Make sure to enable USB debugging mode to make this step work. Once you turn on the debugging mode, the rooting process should start automatically. Keep your phone connected unless you see a pop message which shows a green tick and says rooting process completed..


Now, your phone is successfully rooted and you will be able to install all incompatible and third party apps on your phone. Feel free to install custom ROMs and disable ads totally. You will be able to use all applications that requires rooting.


root xiaomi mix with kingroot


The same software can be used to root other android smartphones too. Both software does a great job on rooting Android smartphones. But in case you wish to un-root your smartphone then you can do that too using the same software but in that case, you just have to click on un-root from the main interface of the software. If you encounter any issue, both software has dedicated support system who are eager to help anytime you want.



win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version