How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 in a Secure Way

Mar. 20 , 2016 14:45 pm. Posted by to Tutorials

Rooting is a procedure by which you can have full control of your android device. It make the device function well and perform better. Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 has been sold in millions and there are a lot of users who try their best to find a reliable rooting method. That’s the reason Why I wrote down this step-by-step tutorial.


The process could be hard or confused if you didn’t get the right tool or follow the right tutorial. I am here offering an secure and efficient rooting solutions that works for all variants of Galaxy Tab 5. There are dozens of rooting apps available but it’s not easy to find a simple and fast one. Fortunately, the program used in the following tutorial is one of the best I have ever come across, which is called AnyRooter Android Root. I have used this app a couple of times and all of the devices were successfully rooted in minutes.

Benefits of Rooting Galaxy Tab 5:

Things We Need before Rooting:


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Tutorial: How to Root Galaxy Tab 5 with 1-Click

Step 1 Install and Run AnyRooter Android Root

AnyRooter is a desktop-based program that runs on Windows and Mac OS X. In order to use this app to root Galaxy Tab 5, you need to download and install the program on your computer. The download files are hosted on this site, click download button to save the file on your computer. Open the program after installation.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 rooting app


Step 2 Turn On USB Debugging on Galaxy Tab 5

USB debugging is a useful function to let computer access Android device in a convenient way. You need to enable this feature , or you can’t finish the rooting task without it. However, it’s quite easy to do that. Here is the extract instruction:


Go to Settings-> About device, tap Build Number 7 times to enable Developer options. Then go to Settings, navigate to Developer options and turn on the switch on upper-right corner. Tap USB debugging to enable this feature and click 'OK' when a message pops up asking 'Allow USB debugging'.


detect galaxy tab 5

Step 3 Scan and Analyze Galaxy Tab 5

Connect Galaxy Tab to the computer with USB cable after USB debugging being turned on. A few secords later, AnyRooter app will detect the device. Then it starts to scan and analyze the whole file system on it to decide whether it can be rooted or not. However, you don’t need to be worry about that as Galaxy Tab 5 is included in support list.


Step 4 Start Rooting Samsung Galaxy Tab 5

Click 'Root Now' to start the rooting task. There are a lot of work involved in this step to cover all the possibilities of rooting. AnyRooter will male a complete backup for Tab 5 to protect your data, update the driver to the latest version in order to increase the success rate. When all the preparations are done well, then it will start the final rooting process. There is a progress bar on the main screen to indicate how much work being done. The whole rooting takes 10-20 minutes depending the device specs. Please be aware of that.


root Galaxy Tab 5 with anyrooter


Ensure that you have read the instruction for using the Android rooting software well enough. Once the warranty of your device will come to a halt, you will be solely responsible for any events on your tablet. Rooting an android device helps you to extract out the best from your android device. The rooting is similar to unlocking the ultimate level of tablet usage. This software is easy to handle and comes with easy instructions. A lot of devices are supported by this software making it the one stop shop for android rooting.