How to Root OnePlus with or Without Computer

June. 30, 2017 16:15. Posted by to Tutorials

OnePlus 5 is undoubtedly one of the best Android phones launched this year so far. It has been featured in most branded e-commerce website including Amazon and eBay. What's more is that it has 128 GB storage unit with 8 GB of RAM making it the first smartphone around the globe with such high specification at a very reasonable price. Indeed, you can install high graphics apps, take high-resolution pictures using its 24MP camera and fill the phone with every possible data. In fact, you can even unleash more hidden features of this smartphone? That's correct, it is possible to even expand the feature list by rooting your device.


Rooting OnePlus 5 means to conquer the privilege control in excess of the Android subsystem. It gives you the ability to perform unexpected tasks on your smartphone such as installing custom ROMS, remove ads from your smartphone, and install incompatible apps and so on, that you cannot perform without rooting the device. The following advantages will be introduced if you choose to root OnePlus 5:

And much more. The benefits of rooting a smartphone is endless plus if you don't like the rooted version of your smartphone then you will always have the choice to unroot it whenever you want. In this article, we will briefly explain how to root your smartphone safely and take benefit of all the features that you cannot get in any unrooted Android smartphone.

Method 1: How to Root OnePlus 5 via Framaroot without PC

Framaroot is a freeware Android application used to root any kind of Android smartphone including OnePlus5. Use the following steps to root your phone using Framaroot Android app:

Step 1: Download Framaroot on OnePlus 5

Download the app on your phone by heading to their official website. Please keep in mind that this app is not listed on Google Play Store, so you need to download the installation file from their website.


Step 2: Open and Root OnePlus 5

Next, you should install the application on your phone by simply opening the APK file and taping on the install option. It will take few moments and if everything is done perfectly then you will be able to see the following screen:


root success

However, this is not a safe way to root your phone since the app is downloading from a third party website. Also, it is very time consuming method that requires a certain level of expertise.


Method 2: How to Root Root OnePlus 5 in One Click

If you want to save more time and root your device safely with a single click then you must use AnyRooter software to accomplish this task. AnyRooter is a great third party rooting tool that used to root any smartphone with a single click on your mouse. It works really very fast and can roots your OnePlus 5 phone within seconds. It works in both Mac and Windows OS to give you better flexibility.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Step 1: Download and install AnyRooter software

First, download the software on your computer. Make sure to download the correct version of the software and install it on PC.


Meizu Pro 6 root

Step 2: Connect OnePlus 5 to Computer

At this time, connect your device to PC with a USB cable and make sure to enable the debugging mode from your phone to run everything smoothly. To enable debugging mode, go to Settings > Developer Options > Toggle on Debugging Mode.


sony xperia z4 usb debugging

Step 3: Root OnePlus 5 in One Click

Now, click on "Root Now" option from the main user interface and wait for few moments until the software finishes the operation. Please keep your phone connected to PC until the phone shows a success rooting option. .


root kindle fire success


Step 4: Check Rooting Status

If you have done everything as we mentioned in this guide, then you have successfully rooted your device. To check if it is done perfectly, download any rooting status check app on your phone and you should be able to see the following screen indicating your device is successfully rooted.

root checker app


AnyRooter also gives you the option to unroot your OnePlus 5 if it is required. But we don't think you will go back to unrooting your device after seeing the benefits of the rooted smartphone. You may now install all the incompatible apps and even block ads from all the apps to keep your phone clean. Moreover, you can also root any kind of Android phone as it supports over 1000+ Android phones and if you have any query regarding the software then you can always contact the support staff to get immediate assistance.



win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version