How to Root LG G3 with Powerful Android Rooting App

Mar. 27, 2016 14:25 pm. Posted by to Tutorials

To define rooting in simple words, one can say that it’s a process of accessing the deep cells of your android phone. You get the access to read and write various files and features on your LG G3. This multi-touch enabled device has a lot of amazing features to woo the users. Rooting G3 by using AnyRooter Android Root stimulates the dark corners of your device. It opens a lot of space for experimenting and excavating the unknown features on the android phone. If you are looking forward to getting more and more of administrative rights on your LG G3, this rooting guide is the perfect solution!

Benefits of Rooting LG G3:

Prerequisites for Rooting:


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Guide: How to Root LG G3 with 1-Click

Step 1 Create a Complete Backup of LG G3

Backup is the most secure way to protect your data from lost. So it’s highly recommended to make a backup your device. LG has an official tool called LG Bridge to help users backup their phone to computer or cloud. Here is the official document on how to do that:

Step 2 Install AnyRooter Android Root on a Computer

After backup, you need to download and install AnyRooter Android Root on a computer. It can be a Windows PC or Mac computer. However, you need to download the right file by clicking the download button listed above. Finally, open the rooting program on your computer. The main window of this program will be shown like this:


LG G3 rooting app


Step 3 Turn on USB Debugging on LG G3

If you want to perform advanced operations, USB debugging is the feature we must turn on. It acts a bridge between Android device and computer. Users can access the internal of Android via USB cable from a computer. Please don’t be scared, it can be done in a minute:


Open the Settings app from LG G3 and tap General tab from located at the top of navigation bar. Scroll down from the list and find Software information. Then quickly tap Build number 6-7 times to turn on Developer options on G3. Now go back to Settings -> General->Developer options, check USB debugging to enable this function.

Step 4 Connect LG G3 to Computer

Once USB debugging was turned on, insert the device to a computer with USB cable. If the USB driver was properly installed on that computer, G3 should be detected by Android root in a few seconds. Now, you can go to the next step. Also, you need to make sure the battery is over 30% on G3 to ensure the success.

Step 5 Start Rooting LG G3 with Android Root App

Android Root will scan all the whole file system on G3 and analyze the possible rooting algorithms for the device. Once this is done, click 'Root Now' button to begin the rooting process on LG G3. There are several individual tasks embedded in this step so it needs time (5-15minutes) to root the device with success. You need to be very careful in this step and don’t disconnect the phone during rooting.


root lg g3 with anyrooter


Rooting LG G3 can be fun once you are done with the above instructions. The One-Click Rooting software is a very handy tool to fix rooting issue on your device. There is an excellent and in-time online support from the team to assistant you during root. This makes the whole procedure of rooting trouble free. After the successful completion of rooting, you will end up in having a beautiful, unique and faster gadget. At that point of time, you will actually rule each single activity happening on your handset!