How to Root LG G2 with Best Rooting App

Jul.12, 2016 17:30 pm. Posted by to Tutorials

Since the introduction of LG smartphone in 2009, it has developed a leading series of Android smartphones that are still in circulation today. Just like any other Android device, there are certain privileges that you can’t benefit from on LG G2 because of manufacturer limitations. This is where rooting comes into effect. Rooting is the Android counterpart of jailbreaking for iOS device. Through rooting, you gain root access to the internal operating system, which enables you to alter it so that you can install apps that are normally not allowed in default.


You may know there are tons of rooting apps available for now. However, you don’t have the time to try them out for all. Plus, some of the programs were not updated for a long time so they are definitely not good choices. In this tutorial, I will use AnyRooter Android Root Pro as a demonstration. It is an amazing rooting program that safely roots your LG G2 phone as well as other Android phones. It guarantees a fast yet easy rooting process that supports up to thousands of Android devices. The best thing about it is its one-click rooting, which makes the process hassle-free and requiring as little technical knowledge as possible.


Through this program, incompatible apps can now be installed from a variety of sources in your LG G2. It also gives you the freedom to install custom ROMs. This enables you to replace the default theme to the ones you like. This program gives you the privilege to access features even before they are released into real production such as the NFC mobile disbursements, PhotoSphere, and slow motion videos.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Guide: How to Securely Root LG G2 Lollipop & KitKat

Step 1 Download and Install AnyRooter Android Root Pro

The program can run on Windows, Mac and Android phone. Please click the above button to save the setup file on a device. Then follow the default instructions to install it on a computer.


LG G2 rooting app


Step 2 Turn on USB Debugging on LG G2

If USB debugging was already enabled, then skip this step. If not, please follow the instructions to turn it on LG G2: Open Settings app on G2 and go to About Phone -> Software info. Then tap Build number seven times to unlock Developer options. Navigate to Developer options and turn on USB debugging by tapping the option.


LG G2 usb debugging


Step 3 Connect LG G2 to Computer and Open Android Root Pro

Plug LG G2 to the computer with USB cable. Normally, it will be detected by the program in a minute. If not, then you should download and install the latest USB driver for LG G2 from here. Then open AnyRooter program on the computer.


Step 4 Device Analysis and Start Rooting LG G2 in 1 Click

Once LG G2 being recognized by AnyRooter, click "Root Now" button to start the rooting process. It is a complicated one that involves device analysis, data backup, driver download and rooting. This will take a couple of minutes to finish, you need to wait and keep the device well connected.


root lg g2 with anyrooter


AnyRooter allows you to lengthen your battery life by enabling the installation of battery-saving apps. You can also benefit from swifter performance by uninstalling unnecessary CPU and RAM bloatware. Your usage lessens because of this and as a result, you speed up your Android device. Perhaps the feature that you will best enjoy through rooting using this program is the free Wi-Fi tethering. You can now tether without having to pay soaring fees, which is commonly at $50 per month for this service alone.


Through AnyRooter Android Root Pro, you can unlock the full potential of your device from adding or eliminating features. This program is guaranteed safe to use, which means that you will not risk damaging your Android device or the data it contains when rooting through this program. The developer of this program is willing to give you a full refund if rooting your device through their program does not proceed safely and secure. If you have any queries and concerns regarding this guide, please do not hesitate to reach use either through the comment section or email. We will be glad to hear about your thoughts.