How to Root LG Flex/Flex 2 with Powerful Rooting App

Sep.14, 2016 14:30 pm. Posted by to Tutorials

Congratulations on your shopping for the LG Flex phone. This is an Android phone and as many others, you might also have great love towards your phone. Have you heard about rooting of your phone? It is true that the phone comes with excellent features, but rooting will help you do much more with your phone as compared to the features you can enjoy out of the box. Regardless of whether it is wireless tethering, quickening the phone with overclocking or even customizing it according to your taste with the best themes, you can do everything with rooting.


If you are thinking whether rooting your LG Flex Android phone will be beneficial to you, here are some of the reasons stated by many users for rooting. It will help with free Wi-Fi tethering, it will improve the performance of your Android phone, it will preserve battery life, and you will be in a position to get access to blocked features on your phone after rooting. In addition, you can install custom ROMs and can get access to more applications with rooting.


Now, once you have decided to root your LG Flex, you should be highly careful about the selection of a safe rooting application and this is where AnyRooter Android Root Pro will help you. This application will help you safely root Android phone or tablet. Just with the help of the following four steps, you can open up new opportunities to explore the world through your phone.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Guide: How to Securely Root LG Flex/Flex 2

Step 1 Install AnyRooter Android Root Pro

Initially, you will have to download this rooting application and install it on your Mac or personal Windows computer. It even comes with Android app in Play Store. Please launch the program when install is completed.


LG flex 2 rooting app


Step 2 Connect LG Flex to Computer

In this step, you need to connect your LG Flex phone to your computer through the USB Cable that comes along with your phone. Now go to My Computer folder to check whether the device being recognized by the computer or not.


Step 3 Enable USB Debugging on LG Flex

Once the phone is connected to your PC, open the 'developer options' and then make sure that USB Debugging is enabled. Without USB debugging on, the program can’t communicate with the phone, thus rooting is impossible under such a case.


LG flex 2 usb debugging


Step 4 Root LG Flex with Android Root Pro

Once everything is done, just run the AnyRooter application and click Root Now. then the program will take care rest of the work, including device analysis, data backup, driver update and of course rooting. Rooting has become this much easier these days with Android Root Pro app.


root lg flex 2 with anyrooter


Once your LG Flex is successfully rooted, you will be in a position to access more features as compared to what it was earlier. This process of rooting your Android phone will provide you access to the root levels of the operating system. This means that you can make changes to things like installation of powerful new applications, adjusting CPU speed, etc.


After rooting, you are free to install any number of custom ROMs, which are new interfaces that can completely change the appearance and style of your LG Flex. However, it will retain the same fundamental Android functionality on your phone. Custom ROMs will bring you a new experience in your phone and every time, you feel bored you can get the feeling of working on a completely new phone with these custom ROMs.