How to Easily Root HTC U11 without PC

Aug.16, 2017 18:07. Posted by Annie to Tutorials

It's not long since HTC launched U11 and it has already provided boot loader and several ROMs for its users. But in order to install these beneficial features you will need to root your HTC first. Rooting your smartphone simply means that to take over the privilege control in Android subsystem database. It will unleash all the hidden features that cannot be used in a non-rooted phone. For example, if you root your HTC U11 then you will be able to install custom ROMs, install incompatible apps, finally you will be able to use platinum backup and the best part is it will completely remove ads from your HTC U11.


Honestly speaking, a rooted device is twice as use than non-rooted device. But rooting HTC U11 does have one major disadvantage that it will void the warrantee of your smartphone. But in this tutorial, we will also show you how to un-root a device so that you can get back you warrantee again. After all, you don't really want to miss the amazing features of a rooted device.

Advantages of rooting HTC U 11:

So, now that you know all the advantages of rooting your device, we are pretty sure you would like to know how to root your device. Let's get started and we will demonstrate two ways to root HTC U11.

Part 1: Root HTC U11 without PC via Framaroot App

Android does offer many rooting apps that can root your device directly. We will recommend to use FarmaRoot since it is free to use and it works perfectly. It is a third party app, so you won't be able to find it in play store.

Step 1: Download FarmaRoot app directly from the website. It is an APK file which will be ready to install in your device.

Step 2: Tap on the downloaded link and the app should be installed automatically. You may have to grant permission since it's a third party app.

Step 3: Open the app and it should show the phone is rooted successfully.

Step 4: Your phone should be now rooted and you can check by installing all the incompatible apps on your phone.

frama root app

Warning: If this app doesn't work, then please follow the steps in below sections.


Part 2: How to Root HTC U11 with AnyRooter Software


If you are looking for the easiest way to root your HTC U11 with the option of un-rooting your device as well then you should use a professional third party rooting software.


AnyRooter is a reliable and efficient desktop software that is used to root and un-root all types of Android smartphone. It can root over 2000+ smartphone models and brands and if you are not happy with rooting your device then it also gives you the option to un-root them. The most interesting part is, you literally need 1 click to root your phone. That's right, only 1 click on your mouse and your phone will be successfully rooted. No hassle, no pain, no computer skills needed!


You can install the software on your Mac or Windows computer and make sure your HTC phone has at least 25% battery left so that it doesn't turn off unexpectedly during the process.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Step 1: Install and Connect

Connect your HTC phone to PC and launch the software to start rooting your device.


huawei honor 7 rooting app

Step 2 :Open USB Debugging on HTC U11

Enable USB Debugging mode on your HTC phone by going to Settings then Developer option and toggle on the Debugging mode.


htc one m7 devloper options

Step 3 : Start Rooting HTC U11

Your phone should be identified by OneClickRoot and it will show you the “Root Now” button. Click on it once and wait for few moments. Done! Your phone is successfully rooted now and it can't get any easier than that. Now, you can install Super User, platinum backup, custom ROMs and all other apps that were not possible with the non-rooted device.


To check the rooting status, you can download any rooting status check app from Google Play Store and it should show that your phone is perfectly rooted.


start to root huawei htc one m10 successfully


Rooting HTC U11 is a lot fun and it allows you to do stuff that can't be done in an un-rooted device. But if you want then you can un-root your device using OneClickRoot but we don't think you will be going back to that state once you see the power of rooting your device. Remember, you can use AnyRooter to root not only HTC phones but also Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG, OnePlus and other smartphone brands.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version