How to Root Your Android Phone before Data Recovery

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It will be heart broken thing when you lost very important data on your Android phone or tablet. Because of the widely adoption of touch screen, it’s very easy to delete data on Android by accidentally. Or got your device bricked after flashing a new room. Fortunately, there are a couple of data recovery program available on the market that can help you fully retrieve those lost data on your Android Device. However, you need a rooted Android phone before using those programs to recover data.


Nearly all the newly created data are saved on phone’s internal memory but SD card, to let the Android data recovery program properly analyze and scan the data in the internal memory. One way or another the rooting authority has to be fetched from the device. So, rooting is the only way to gain the access to your Android internal storage system, then your Android devices can be recognized by the program and easily perform the scanning for your lost data.


Part 1: How to Root Android Phone before Android Data Recovery

Part 2: Supported Data Recovery Software Review

Part 1: Root Android before Performing Android Data Recovery

We know the rooting is a modification to your device’s original system, in which the limitations are removed and full-access is allowed,but never damage your data and device, but only strengthen the performance of your mobile phone. As said before, to perform Android data recovery, you need to root your device. AnyRooter Andorid Root Pro would be your first choice, that is both absurdly simple but absurdly useful, the rooting process only works in the read-only mode and never damages to your original data or devices, it can gain the  permission for scanning your device, It’s easy to use and frequently updated to support new devices and changes the way how root works. 

Main Features of AnyRooter

Supported Android Device: Samsung, HUAWEI, MOTO, LG, Sony, ZTE, OnePlus, HTC and many more. 

Supported Data Recovery Software: Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android, EaseUS MobiSave for Android, FonePaw Android Data Recovery, Mobikin Doctor for Android, Tenorshare Android Data Recovery and Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery

win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Step 1 Back up Your Android Phone

There is no rooting program that can guarantee 100% success. So you should back up your important data (contacts, sms, photos, etc.) with data backup app or cloud storage services (Google Drive, Dropbox).


Step 2 Download and Install AnyRooter on a Computer

In this step, you need to download and install this rooting program on your computer. The program provides a Windows and Mac version, so make sure download the right one. Launch the program when installation is completed.


If the above doesn’t work, kindly leave a comment. We will fix it for you.


android root

Step 3 Turn on USB debugging on Android

Maybe you already do this on your Android phone or tablet. If the answer is Yes, then just skip this step to the next one. If the answer is No, then you should turn USB debugging on your device. The most common pattern is: Settings -> About phone -> Tap Build Number seven times -> Developer options -> Turn on USB Debugging.


turn on usb debugging


Step 4 Connect Android phone to the Same Computer

Use the USB cable to plug your Android phone to the computer with AnyRooter installed. When your device being recognized by the computer, there should be a beep sounds coming out from your computer. If not, then you need to install the latest USB driver.


Step 5 Start Rooting Android Phone

The above steps are preparations for the final step. When all are done, click 'Root Now ' on the main screen to start rooting your Android device, including data backup, driver update, and rooting. This will take a few minutes depending on the device you are rooting.


root galaxy s6 edge success

Part 2: Supported Data Recovery Software Review

Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android ( Only Rooted Phone Supported)

Wondershare is the first company to develop data recovery program for Android phone and tablet. It gains a lot of positive reviews among users from the globe. The program has a very clean user interface and is quite effective at data recovery. When your devices can't be recognized properly, it means you need to root your Android device then you can move forward.


Root wondershare Dr.Fone for Android


EaseUS MobiSave for Android ( Only Rooted Phone Supported)

As one of the well-known companies in computer data recovery technology, EaseUS finally released its Android recovery tool last year. It’s trust worthy tools you should try out when you need restore data from your device. Most importantly, it’s a free program. When you use this program to retrieve your lost data from Android phone, you also must root your Android device before start.


root Easeus Mobilesaver





FonePaw Android Data Recovery ( Only Rooted Phone Supported)

FonePaw is a new comer that enters into data recovery industry not a long ago. It’s good at recovering deleted contacts and messages but failed restoring other types of files. There is still a large room for improvements. Like other Android recovery softwares, Rooting is a must then you can scan your device. See how to root your Anddroid when perform FonePaw.


Root FonePaw Android Recovery




Jihosoft MobileRecovery ( Only Rooted Phone Supported)

Jihosoft is small company dedicated to video conversion and data recovery. It’s famous for its iOS based data recovery tools, but now it has its own Android recovery products. When comparing to the programs listed above, it takes a longer time to recover deleted data from Android. For time concern users, it’s not a good choice. It only supports the rooted Android devices, take a look at this tutorial on how to root Android phone.


Root jihosoft mobile recovery



Tenorshare Android Data Recovery ( Only Rooted Phone Supported)

Tenorshare is also a well-known brand in data recovery and system security. I have been watching its Android data recovery for a while and see a lot of improvements in recent months. What’s more, the price is a bit lower than other competitors. However, the user interface looks like out dated. You will be asked to root your Android phone before using Tenorshare Android Recovery program. See how to root Android device.


Root Tenorshare Android Data Recovery



Mobikin Doctor for Android ( Only Rooted Phone Supported)

I first noticed about Mobikin from Androidpit. It’s on the suggestion list of Android data recovery software. The user interface is different from others, and it takes more time. You still need to root your Android devices so that program can identify your phone. Look at this rooting guide.


root mobikin doctor for android




Due to the particularity of the Android system, you must root the device to gain the scanning permission before performing the Android data recovery process. so far, nobody or no software can directly scan Android phone’s internal memory without root.

Ready to download AnyRooter application:

win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version