A List of Top-Rated Apps for Rooted Android Device in 2016

Apr. 29, 2016 11:25 pm. Posted by to Tutorials

Android is the most popular mobile operating system now and new Android devices are frequently released. However, there are many restrictions made by manufactures when you got the new phone. But with a rooted phone, you can enjoy more freedom. It allows you to customize the phone as the way you want. Today most of us are planning to root our phone. There are many reasons to root your device. You can have complete access to the whole file system, remove bloatware apps, increase battery life or m, make the device run faster or flash a new ROM.


What to do after rooting your Android phone? Android smartphone has many advantages because rooting takes it to the advanced level, but how can take over the good control of the rooted android smartphone? In this article, we try to share some of the best applications for rooted android devices in 2016. With these rooted apps, you can take full advantage of a rooted Android smartphone or tablet.


Greenify: If the battery drains faster on your phone, then Greenify will help you increase the battery life of Android device. Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter take too much computing resources on a phone, which eats up battery quickly. Greenify stop all background processes of these apps and make the battery lasting for more time.


Greenify app



Titanium Backup: This is the best app for backing up data and ROM. It provides its user with flexible backup options. With it, you don’t need to worry about data loss any more. Titanium Backup is the ideal app for those who do a lot of ROM flashing on their smartphone.


Titanium Backup app



ES File Explorer: ES File Explorer is one of the best file manager applications for Android. File Manager is to give the ability to browse the root directory. With ES, you can set and change the file permissions.


ES File Explorer app



Adblock Plus: Ads are annoying and it pops up on every corner. Adblock is a cool app to block ads on Android phone. Adblock is also available for PC and other devices. With Adblock, you can increase the speed of Internet in Android, as ad blocking.


Adblock Plus app



ToolboxRom: ROM Toolbox is an all-in-one root application for Android. This tool give you better control of your phone. You can increase the CPU performance, change the boot animation from startup, change Android fonts, browse the root directory, and install custom ROM, bootloader and more.



Kill Wi-Fi: Kill Wi-Fi is just another impressive application from Play Store. With this app, you can stop connection from other people if they are using the same Wi-Fi to boot the access speed of Internet.



DiskDigger Pro: If you accidentally delete documents or photos, and you want to recover lost data, then this application can do it for you. You can also retrieve the formatted data. Personally, I think this application is one of the best to use for a rooted Android device. It is a pure life.


DiskDigger Pro app


The above are the top 6 rooted apps I can think up. However, there are many great ones you can explore in Play Store. In addition, phone backup is one of the things you should pay attention to. Data is much important and you can’t afford to lost it. Besides, you need to read the guide carefully when you don’t know what the app is. Or you get the big chance to mess your phone. Anyway, enjoy the fun rooting brings!