One-Click to Root Your Android Devices, Esily and Safely

Rooting a phone means getting the root permission to your Android device, take you to enter the Android world and non-approved applications and hidden features. Many people think that implementing rooting process is expected to be difficult and hurt to the device, but AnyRooter Say "NO", It does a great job in Rooting an Android with  simple operation, safety and reliability. It make this process easy for the vast majority of Android devices out there.

  • Easily root a device with 'exploits', never harm your device and data loss. Safe!
  • No need boot loader, just enable USB debugging and connect to your PC. Easy!
  • Fool-style operation, the best choice for novice friend!

  • Root Your Android Devices

    How Android Root Enables You to Fully Control Your Device

    As of the Android Rooter program 5.0 release, rooting a device for novice is no longer unreachable concept, the AnyRooter software provides each Android users with the easiest one-click solution to root any Android devices. Every Android users have the right to enjoy the all non-approved features that limited by its manufacturers. Only 4 steps you can control your Android devices and access to hundreds of new and exciting features.

  • Connect: Pluge your Android device to your computer via USB cable.
  • Recognize: Detect your device and install the drivers automatically.
  • Backup: Give you option to back up your personal data to PC before rooting.
  • Root: Just one click to root your device without losing any original data.
  • Fully Control Your Device

    High Success Rate is Guaranteed by Years of Development

    In the past, there is no single standard way to root every device despite rooting is a simple process. But today, AnyRooter Studio redefine the rooting standards - easy, fast and safe! Our  technical team repeatedly tested all other rooting programs that claim to quickly and safe root, however, the test results is not as fast & safe as they described. Conversely, AnyRooter is far more user friendly, fully be Compatible with a wider range of any Android devices running Android 2.1.X or higher, because we focuses on using “exploits” to root a device.

    how to root your Android phone

    After Rooting, You can

    Acess More Features

    You can get access huge number of inactivated features and 'incompatible' apps, that were hidden by manufacturer.

    Keep Latest Android OS

    You can easily install or upgrade a new OS version that has not yet been released for your Android phone.

    Blocking Ads in Any Apps

    Rooting your device is the best way to block any ads in any apps installed on your device.

    Boost Battery Life

    Rooting will let you get more power, easily install apps like Greenify to automatically lock the unless apps.

    Better Performance

    Rooting allows you to remove all apps that manufacturers built in, overclock your phone for better performance.

    Ditching the Skin


    Why Us?

    Over 1,700,000 People Love AnyRooter

    user reviews
    • Kelly
      Jessica Perez        
      I have tried a few rooting programs and apps, AnyRooter is the best software for rooting any android phone with a single click. The latest version of this program is compatible with 8000+ Android devices and support for newest versions of android.
    • Tom Gackell
      Norkin Ivan        
      It saved me from a nasty virus which was connected to a system app (battery). Follow the step by step instructions and grant access to AnyRooter. I used another app to permanently remove the infected app. Now everything works fine. Thank you!
    • Tom Gackell
      Peter Williams        
      I have just installed lollipop and used AnyRooter to root my Galaxy S5, which was not listed. Then I followed all the instructions on this website and it worked perfectly! Now my phone is rooted. Thank you. Keep up the great job!!