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Android Root Pro for Windows

The most powerful ROOT tool with high success rate, root the Android devices with only 3 steps: Install -> Enable USB Debugging -> “Root”





Android Root for Android (APK)

3 options for users to retreive deleted or lost data from iPhone, iPad and iPod, including messages, contacts, photos and more.

How to Root Samsung S6

Only 4 steps required, rooting your Samsung Galaxy S5 has never been safer, easier and faster.

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Established in 2014, AnyRooter have been working on root tech for years, and attempts to become the leader in the industry. We focus on Root solution and only do breakthrough technology. Since its release, Android Root Pro has helped more than 3000 000 users to successfully root their device.

Behind AnyRooter, there are  a number of outstanding and strong technical teams, hopes to solve every little problem for you and help you to experience the Android world better and easier! As a go on developing company AnyRooter run true to form while we manufacturing the product and offer our service.



user reviews
  • Kelly
    Jessica Perez        
    I have tried a few rooting programs and apps, AnyRooter is the best software for rooting any android phone with a single click. The latest version of this program is compatible with 8000+ Android devices and support for newest versions of android.
  • Tom Gackell
    Norkin Ivan        
    It saved me from a nasty virus which was connected to a system app (battery). Follow the step by step instructions and grant access to AnyRooter. I used another app to permanently remove the infected app. Now everything works fine. Thank you!
  • Tom Gackell
    Peter Williams        
    I have just installed lollipop and used AnyRooter to root my Galaxy S5, which was not listed. Then I followed all the instructions on this website and it worked perfectly! Now my phone is rooted. Thank you. Keep up the great job!!